200pcs 24 Kinds Tomoto bonsai Mixed Packed Purple Black Red Yellow Green Cherry Peach Pear Tomato bonsai Organic Food For Garden

200pcs 24 Kinds Tomoto bonsai Mixed Packed Purple Black Red Yellow Green Cherry Peach Pear Tomato bonsai Organic Food For Garden

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Price: US $0.46
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List Price: US $0.90
Price: US $0.46
You save: US $0.44 (49%)
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Outdoor Plants
Cultivating Difficulty Degree:
Very Easy
Happy Farm
Full-bloom Period:
Landscape Plant
Applicable Constellation:
Dwarf Tomato
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Key Points: When planting, need pouring foot of water, keep the soil moist growing season. The results should be appropriate control of water, too much water can cause shattering. Base fertilizer should be sufficient to decomposition of organic fertilizer, growing with the use of NPK. Growth stage nitrogen-based, results-oriented stage to phosphate and potash. The temperature is below 17 or above 33 need some flowers with fruit elements to improve fruit grown in the late foliar application of fertilizer can make fruit color more vivid.Growth habit: 1, the growth cycle: home-grown tomatoes, usually harvested when the fruit is fully ripe. A longer period, from sowing to planting takes 45 days, the early planting fruit need about 30 days. Harvest 2-3 months. 2, the temperature requirements: Tomato thermophilic vegetables, likes the warm, not cold, not heat. The optimal growth temperature was 20-25 , below 15 poor plant growth. 3, Light requirements: medium tomato illumination requirements, adequate light, good growth, good fruit gloss. 4. Water requirements: strict requirements for water, the middle level, kept moist, watering can see dry.Sowing points: cherry tomatoes in spring, autumn planting as well. You can live, can also be transplanting lings. Solanaceae before planting, to improve their germination rate, reduce disease, the need for hot water soaking or pharmaceutical treatment, the method is, the s were placed in 55 warm water soak for 15-20 minutes, stirring constantly, until the water temperature down to room temperature, Continue to soak 10-12 hours soaking process to washing 2-3 times, the surface mucus cleansed. After Soaking completed, with wet gauze wrapped into 28-30 under ambient conditions of germination, 50% Lu Bai can be planted. Reminder sow the s evenly over the buds on demand in finely divided culture on earth, covered with a layer about 1 cm in planting soil, irrigated with a pore kettle, holding moisture. 2-3 true leaves when planting can be transplanted.Varieties: precocious unlimited growth type, single spike may be the result of 15-20, the fruit bright red / bright yellow, thick-skinned, high soluble solids content, delicious, easy cracking, appearance, low temperature, high disease resistance, integrated excellent shape, yield about 5000kg.Best planting season: spring sowing (spring and autumn can be broadcast)Growing: about 90 daysGrowth temperature: 10-30 Sowing temperature: 15-28



Expert review
200pcs 24 Kinds Tomoto bonsai Mixed Packed Purple Black Red Yellow Green Cherry Peach Pear Tomato bonsai Organic Food For Garden.
Review by: James A.
I frequently buy things via the internet and always try to be careful with what I order. And I hate it when I order an item which turns out to be much worse than expected. So I decided to write a review here.

In my opinion the item was a fine bargain. A while ago I’ve been after something of the same design but I couldn’t find anything appealing. I was always hesitating either because of the price or the design of the merchandise. When I saw 200pcs 24 Kinds Tomoto bonsai Mixed Packed Purple Black Red Yellow Green Cherry Peach Pear Tomato bonsai Organic Food For Garden, I decided to order and it was really worth it.

Come to think of it I was certain the item would be nothing special at best or happen to be ruined during transit. But it was great to see that it wasn’t damaged and it fits the description at the web store. Come to think of it at first I didn’t expect much but in the end discovered that I got lucky to get this item.

First of all, I should mention the good quality of the materials. For this sort of products, the quality is very important. As for this model, for me, it is worth the its cost. In comparison with other web stores, web shops, this one offered a reasonable price for the quality I got.

I’ve been using the item for several weeks by now and up until now everything’s been fine. Who could guess I’d be so lucky to obtain something that good!
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I loved the stuff. It’s difficult to find something decent at web stores but this time I had luck to get something this good and for a good price.
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